Social Responsibility at C & I Leasing

C & I Leasing is a Socially Responsible Nigerian Organization

At C & I Leasing, we believe in the power of social responsibility to create positive change. Our commitment to the community goes hand in hand with our business operations, impacting lives in meaningful ways. We have consistently created jobs and united people with jobs and opportunities, empowering them, their families and communities dependent on them.

Our dedication to social responsibility extends beyond our core services, touching the lives of individuals and communities across Nigeria.

Child Education with Emphasis on the Girl Child

Bethesda Child Support Agency is a social development organization that empowers children through education and various social development programs. Since October 2015, C & I Leasing has proudly partnered with Bethesda on their child education scholarship program, providing support to orphans and children of widows by covering their tuition fees. Our employees have also volunteered as tutors and donated books and school supplies, furthering the cause of education.

In addition, we’ve collaborated with the Zuriel Oduwole Foundation to conduct seminars and workshops for young girls aged 8 to 15 years. Miss Zuriel Oduwole serves as a Brand Ambassador for Hertz Nigeria.

Youth Employability and Skill Development

With over three decades of experience, C & I Leasing is a leading provider of employment in Nigeria. We have a proven track record of connecting young people with job opportunities. 


Currently, we’re responsible for the welfare, healthcare, pension, and benefits of over 5000 employees across Nigeria. Our workforce includes individuals aged 21 to 65, each equipped with diverse skills and competencies, from drivers to engineers, administrators, consultants, and professionals. 


These persons are continuously trained and empowered through our structures and systems with either statutory, social or technical skills per time depending on the requirements of their jobs.


At C&I we are always interested in the community and people that host our business, as such we decided to initiate the Oginigba community scholarship scheme to provide educational opportunities via financial support to indigent families in the community our business operates by sponsoring selected children.


The respective youth, women and men unions agree with this through the community liaison officer and our management to sponsor these children from nursery, primary to secondary schools within Rivers State.


The scheme has benefited about 30 children from it since it started in 2015.

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